JTM1 Product Demo


Chris George demonstrates the 1960's JTM1 combo.

A tribute to the tone and aesthetics of those 1960s JTM-era amps, the all-valve JTM-1C combo packs a sonic punch, yet is harmonically rich. Purists will love its spartan front panel; Loudness (volume) and Tone are the only two controls.

This simple layout belies the JTM-1C’s harmonic complexity which has the delicious bite you’d expect from a ’60s Marshall. With two ECC83 valves and one ECC82, the JTM-1C is powerfully clean at lower volume and winds up to the touch-responsive tone of classic 60s JTM. Perfect for blues/rock.

With the block Marshall logo, ‘Bluesbreaker’ grille cloth, and letterbox ‘Plexi’-style front panel, the JTM-1C has that authentic era look.

The 10″ Celestion G10F-15 speaker delivers outstanding performance at low or high volume.


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