JMP1 Product Demo


'A piece of history that all self-respecting guitar players should own' - GUITARIST.

The JMP1 saw its release at Musikmesse 2012, and since then word has spread like wildfire.

Marshall Super Leads were the rock sound of the ’70s, used by legends such as AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. The all-valve 1 Watt JMP1C combo has the look, and more importantly, the tone that defined an era.

Driven by true class A power stage topology, the JMP1C is a classic rock amp. Its incredible tone is partly produced by an extra ECC83 valve gain stage in the preamp. It is this that gave the Super Leads their distinct tonal character that is now embodied in the JMP1C.

Featuring a gold script logo, non-Plexi gold anodised aluminum front panel (the Plexi era ended in ’69), and chequered grille cloth, the JMP1C has that classic ’70s Marshall look.

Also, a rear panel Boost switch punches up the drive and sustain to another level, and the Low Power feature gives you all this at practice volume.

The JMP1C is loaded with a single 10″ Celestion G10N-15 speaker.

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