Announcing Design Store


Announcing Design Store

Opening its proverbial doors today, we're excited to announce the launch of the Marshall Design Store - the next iteration of the Custom Shop.

We’ve simplified the process of getting a custom amp from Marshall, making it quicker and easier to get the Marshall of your dreams. That’s what Design Store is all about.

Design Store has two levels of service: Factory Fitted and Special Product.

Factory Fitted offers cosmetic changes to your amplifier, such as the covering, grille cloth, logo, piping and beading. These cosmetic options can be chosen from our custom finish ‘palettes’, which contain actual samples of each available covering and fret, and listed options on the order forms.

Special Product is a bespoke service where you can provide your own design concepts. This might include customising knobs and switches, speakers, panels and much more. Each Special Product request will be individually evaluated for feasibility, with each request considered on its merits.

We’ll be updating the Marshall website with lots more information shortly, but contact your local Marshall stockist to find out more about creating your perfect custom Marshall.

Welcome to the Design Store.