BIMM Marshall Summer School


BIMM Marshall Summer School

We're pleased to announce we are continuing our partnership with BIMM this year with another Marshall Summer School at the London BIMM school.

BIMM had this to say about the school:

“The Marshall Summer School runs over five days and consists of four mornings of dedicated tuition on your instrument, followed by a live performance workshop every afternoon to hone your performance skills on stage, guided by your tutors and a different special guest every day.

This year we have tech/speed/progressive metal outfit, SikTh to work with students on achieving their sound. Each band member will attend as a workshop tutor over the course of the week, with the whole band in attendance for live performances at the finish. Tutors and band members are Mikee Goodman for Vocals, James Leach for Bass, Graham Pinney for Guitar and Dan Foord for Drums, who will be with the class for the entire week!

The last day will involve forming bands, and rehearsing your favourite track of the week, in preparation for an afternoon performance for your friends and family.

If you like your amp turned up to 11, then Marshall Summer School is for you! Throughout the week, you’ll learn tracks by metal, punk and hard rock artists like Metallica, Rage Against the Machine, Skindred, Killswitch Engage and Architects, and play what you have learnt in our daily live performance workshops.”

To find out more, and apply online, head to