Cab Week


Cab Week

A week celebrating the different types of speaker cabs we offer? You bet.

From the classic 1960, through all its vintage, handwired and other variations, through to the collections of 2 x 12″ and 1 x 12″ cabinets, we make a speaker cabinet for every type of guitar player.

Whether you’re playing at home, on stage, our even touring the world, there’s a Marshall cab that will fit your needs. But with so many on offer, how do you tell the difference and choose what’s right for you?

That’s where we come in to help. Over the next week, we’ll be running through different cabinet types and explaining their differences in size, shape and sound, talking through suggested amp pairings, and some genre suggestions to help you decide what cab is right for you.

Head on over to the Marshall Facebook and Twitter pages for all the info, and send us pictures of your cabs using #liveformusic – we’ll be sharing our favourites throughout the week.