CODE100 Update


CODE100 Update

Update on CODE100 Head and Combo.

We are extremely sorry to inform of an unforeseen delay in the release of the eagerly anticipated CODE100 Head and Combo.

Unfortunately, we have had to undertake a complete redesign of the power supply and amplifier section. We are now pleased to report that the new power supply and amplifier section created by our dedicated R&D team will withstand the rigors of touring, recording and rehearsing that is essential to all Marshall Amplification products.

Now that all the internal testing is complete, the next step is to go through approval and safety certification required by law. We are now working with the normal regulatory authorities to ensure that this can be expedited as soon as possible; once this has been completed we can then start production.

Due to large pre-orders and long component lead times that are beyond our control, we have been forced to push production of the CODE100 combos and heads into the fourth quarter. This will mean that we should be able to deliver to stores early 2017.

All at Marshall are 100% dedicated to delivering the very best products we possibly can in terms of tone, quality and longevity. We thank you for your support and patience.