Design Store 1959 Heads


Design Store 1959 Heads

The Design Store has recently produced these two stunning looking 100 Watt Super Lead 1959 heads.

Finished in CVER-00049 Arctic White Levant vinyl, those with a keen eye for detail will notice the front panel markings; one is JMP and the other is MKII. Two classic designs based on one sonically ground breaking amplifier.

The 1959SLP-01 pictured with vintage block LOGO-00016 has the MKII panel and features the ST1 PCB (printed circuit board) and FX loop. While the 1959HW pictured, with the period correct small gold LOGO-00008 logo, has the JMP panel. The 1959HW features a hand wired tag board and is completely hand assembled with many exclusively sourced components manufactured to the original specifications.

These two remarkable Design Store examples have been manufactured for our friends in Canada and Sweden, and are pictured as they move from the finishing department to final test and inspection.

Please contact your local Marshall dealer for availability by heading to our Stockist page.White_1959_2 White_1959_1

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