Hanwell Hootie and 1,000 Londoners


Andrew McRobbie, one of the organisers of the annual Hanwell Hootie Music Festival, is one of 1,000 people to be featured in the 1,000 Londoners project - which looks to capture a video portrait of the city by filming 1,000 people who class themselves as Londoners

Combining his love of Chemistry and Music, Andy has his own recording studio, puts on open mic nights and started the Hanwell Hootie Music Festival – held every year to commemorate the town where Marshall founder Jim Marshall sold his first amplifier. All this while being a Chemistry tutor too.

His passion and commitment to music in the community reflects what #liveformusic is about – the pure love and dedication to music from a grassroots level, right up to stadium filling artists.

Check out the video above to see what Andy had to say, and find out more about the 1,000 Londoners project at www.1000londoners.com