Design Store Hot Couture amp and cab.


Design Store Hot Couture amp and cab.

The ultra limited edition Design Store Hot Couture combines stunning looks with acclaimed Class 5 tone.

Made in England exclusively for the French market, the Hot Couture is finished in chic custom cream levant vinyl and edged with exquisite gold piping. The gold Marshall signature logo is set off beautifully by a vintage-style custom ‘Bluesbreaker’ grille cloth. The Hot Couture’s stunning look is finished perfectly with an almond and brown ‘Lazermax’ front panel.

A true Class A amp, the 5 Watt Hot Couture head features a two ECC83 and single EL34 valve set. The all-valve signal path delivers vintage Marshall tone with the simplicity of just volume, bass, middle and treble EQ. Responding naturally to playing dynamics, and producing rich, second order harmonic distortion, this purist pleasing amp goes from brilliant clean, to full-bodied crunch and on to glorious lead tones.

The Custom Hot Couture speaker cabinet features a 1 x 10″ Celestion G10F-15 speaker and produces fantastic lower end for a cab of its size, while retaining tonal clarity and definition.

Only 70 of these Design Store creations will be made and each one will come complete with a Marshall embossment and a certificate of authenticity.