INTERVIEW: Fredrik Akesson


INTERVIEW: Fredrik Akesson

Opeth’s music is known for incorporating everything from death metal through to jazz and ‘70s progressive rock – how do you approach songwriting? Do you go in with a specific idea of what you’d like to create or is it much more natural than that?

I would say it evolves in a natural way. We talk about directions but at the end of the writing process it turns out the way it turns out.

What inspired you to first pick up the guitar?

Ace Frehley and Angus Young was the first inspiration to pick up the guitar, then watching Michael Schenker on TV just floored me. The tone was amazing, and that really influenced me to practice more.

You’ve got a Marshall JVM410HJS at the moment, can you tell us what you like most about that head, and are there any other Marshall amps you’ve got?

It covers everything from great clean tones to high gain sounds. Very diverse and warm sounding with a great core. I’ve got a couple of JCM800 2203 & 2205 heads, also have a ‘Plexi’ head that’s great.

We are just about to record a new album and for that we will try the 2555X Silver Jubilee, and the Astoria also the Handwired ‘Bluesbreaker’.

What do you like most about playing live shows?

When we as a unit just locks everything tight. And a great crowd is always a blast!

Is there anything from your career that you’re most proud of?

Many great memories from both recordings and shows, difficult to say, I think I live in the future more than the past. For now I’m very proud we got asked to open up for Maiden and Sabbath this upcoming summer of 2016.

For someone who is picking up the guitar today, what piece of advice would you give them?

Get addicted to your instrument, take lessons and jam with other players and don’t give up. You can always get better.