INTERVIEW: Jaren Johnston – The Cadillac Three


INTERVIEW: Jaren Johnston – The Cadillac Three

We talk touring and all things Marshall with The Cadillac Three front man.

Being Nashville born and bred, was music in your veins from a young age?

Yes it was! My dad is a drummer so I was kind brought up in the Nashville music scene. I was always kind of obsessed with it… there are pics of me as a baby holding these huge drumsticks wearing big 70’s headphones trying to rock out!

What would you be doing if you weren’t playing guitar or writing music?

Probably be trying to figure out how I could be playing or writing music honestly, ha.

What was the recording process like with ’Bury Me In My Boots’?

It’s different every time we record, it kind of depends on the song, sometimes we play live like on songs like ‘Peace, Love, and Dixie’, ‘The South’ and sometimes we take more of a heartbreakers type approach and build the whole thing starting with the drums.

The February tour looks relentless! What’s your favorite and least favorite aspect of touring? 

My favorite thing is right as we are walking on stage and right when we are walking off, that feeling is like you are about to go in to battle and the other is like ‘we just won the battle!’.

My least favorite thing about touring is probably how hard the travel is sometimes. It will wear ya down as well, as being away from our families.

Tell us a bit about what’s in your current rig?

Right now I’m running two 2555X Silver Jubilee heads and a sort of a hodge podge of awesome Marshall cabs. I also have a ‘Plexi’ 2 x 12″ combo we throw into the mix sometimes. It’s a pretty strong situation for the ears if I do say so myself!

What do you love about Marshall amps?

That classic sound. I remember always wanting a Marshall stack so bad when I was a kid. I’ve played a lot of amps and Marshall is by far my favorite thing to lean up against every night.

Can you remember what your first guitar/guitar amp was like?

My first guitar was a pink Kramer electric.

It came with this terrible little 3 inch speaker type amp. Kind of like a little am radio with a small Input jack.  Actually I bet we would record with it today if I still had it. Haha.

How would you describe your guitar playing style?

I’m not really concerned with being a technically sound player, I’m more of a drink 5 beers and go for it and hope I land on something rad kind of guy… With a bad ass fuzz pedal on.  Even if I don’t nail the note it sure will sound bitchin’!