INTERVIEW: Jason Baskin – Muse / Zac Brown Band


INTERVIEW: Jason Baskin – Muse / Zac Brown Band


From Nashville, TN, Jason has been playing guitar for about 26 years, and has been touring as a tech for almost 19 years. He`s worked for bands including: Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, Guns €˜N` Roses, Dream Theater, Korn and a host of others. He is currently working with with Zac Brown Band.

When was the first time you worked with a Marshall set up and which band was it?

First band I can remember working with that had a Marshall was a band called Third Day, and one of the guitarists had a great, vertical input, 50 Watt JCM800.

What is the loudest rig you have worked on?

Probably Billy Corgan. Punishingly loud and painful.

Best and worst gigs you have worked?

I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of so many great gigs with great people, in so many parts of the world, it would be impossible to nail down a favourite.  But the worst… that would probably have to be a gig on The Resistance Tour with Muse where I had 3 guitars pulled off of a 12′ riser by a kabuki drop.

One of the guitars split completely in half. But as bad as it was, considering I was able to get it all sorted, while still doing patch changes, and Matt didn’t know what had happened until later in the show, I guess things went as well as they could.

Favourite Marshall Head?

That’s a tough one. I will be biased and say, my white ’71 smallbox. That amp is completely stock, yet has a ridiculous amount of gain. I can easily coax some of the better 80’s tones I grew up on out of that thing.

That being said, Richard Fortus’ Jose that we had on GnR was awe inspiring. Love that amp. And my buddy has a ridiculous purple ’72 Super Lead. I think he knows that one day I am going to have to pry it away from him.

Anything unique about the Marshall rig you are working on now?

One of my current guys has a ’71 Super Bass with KT88s. Not terribly unique, just loud and clean. But my other guy is debating adding a 50W to his rig after using my white one in the studio. So we may drag that one on the road until we can find him something just as cool.

Apart from the current Artist you have worked with who`s your favourite guitarist/band?

Warren DeMartini would have to rank as my all time fave. I’m into all sorts of players and styles, mostly country guitar these days, and I will always find someone new to latch onto as a favourite, but it always comes back to Warren.

As for new guys, Laur that plays with Sturgill Simpson and Ryan Wariner are my two current favourites. Both of those guys are so ridiculous and have such great feel, it’s scary.

JCM or Plexi?

Neither! It’s all about the early metal panels for me, so JMP all the way.

Which modern day Marshalls do you like?

My favourite current production Marshall is probably the little 20W (2061X) head. I love that thing, but I guess that might not qualify as “modern”. I am a vintage guy, and I honestly haven’t heard much of the more modern stuff.

Anything in your rig modded?

I’ve definitely tweaked a bit of my gear here and there, pedals, amps, guitars. Doing what I do, I guess it will always be that way to some degree.

What`s the secret Marshall weapon in your set up?

Well, I’ve already mentioned my white ’71. It’s a flamethrower and completely stock. But my “secret” with that amp would be taking a Furman PQ3 that Scott from Dunlop recently gave me, and using it to boost and shape the EQ in front of the amp.

That thing was the missing ingredient to giving me everything I ever wanted from a Marshall when I was a kid.

Thanks for chatting with us, Jason!