INTERVIEW: Jeremy Widerman – Monster Truck


INTERVIEW: Jeremy Widerman – Monster Truck

The highs and lows of touring, plus describing the 'Marshall sound' with the Monster Truck six-stringer.

How would you describe your sound using one word?


You guys have been touring a lot with Billy Talent and been doing your own headline runs too, what do you enjoy the most and the least about touring?

What I enjoy most about touring is the shows themselves. Getting to play every night is a gift and something I never really thought I’d be able to turn into a job and I’m supremely grateful for it. What I enjoy least about touring is just the small nuisances of travel, like constantly having to find a nice/clean toilet or not being able to have some alone time. The small things you can sometimes take for granted living at home that are gone when you live on a bus or a in a van and hotel room.

Tell us a bit about what’s in your current rig?

I have two separate rigs. One lives in the UK and one lives in Canada. My UK rig is all Marshall. I run a JCM 800 and a Silver Jubilee (both re-issues). Both run into their own 4 x 12″ Marshall cabinets loaded with Celestion V30’s. Back home I run an original 81’ Marshall JMP and a custom Morris Grinder. Both run into their own 4 x 12″ Traynor Cabinets also loaded with Celestion V30’s. I run very minimal pedal setups into each rig however I do employ the use of a Xotic EP Booster pedal for a little extra bottom end crunch. Other than that the main tone is originating from my Custom Shop Gibson SG 62’ Reissue.

What do you love about Marshall amps?

I love the inexplicable “Marshall sound”. I don’t know how else to put it but most seasoned guitar players will understand what I mean. It’s sizzling highs and a tight mid range that is equally balanced by a thumpy bottom. There really isn’t much else like it.

Can you remember what your first guitar/guitar amp was like?

My first guitar was a small cream coloured Fender Duo-Sonic. It’s similar to a strat but only two pickups and a slightly smaller profile all around. A beginner guitar from which I grew out of quickly. The amp was a tiny Peavey combo amp which i actually found to be serviceable for over a year before upgrading to something bigger.

How would you describe your guitar playing style?

My playing style is extremely deliberate. I have a vision of what I want to execute and I execute it most times. The downside to this is a lack of improvisation and sometimes being a little too rigid. My main goal is to fill the room. I’m looking for a well rounded tone and too complement the bass guitar in a way that is thunderous and direct. I love when you can make out exactly what is going on and what is going on is bluesy riff oriented rock music.

What would be your advice for someone picking up the guitar for the first time?

It sounds trite but just have fun. Enjoy yourself and play from the heart. If you don’t love what you do, no one else is going to either.