INTERVIEW: Joe Gosney – Black Peaks


INTERVIEW: Joe Gosney – Black Peaks

We caught up with Black Peaks' six-stringer, Joe Gosney, to talk about amps and music.

To someone who’s never heard Black Peaks before, how would you describe the sound of the band?

That’s always a tricky question and one that I don’t always know the answer to as we are such a young band and our sound is still evolving the more and more we write. I suppose you could say our music is heavy but very melodically driven. We are all big fans of a lot of quite dark and emotive music and that definitely shows in our sound. “Dark but beautiful” is a sentence that often crops up when we are working on new music and is something we always aim for in our songs.

2016 has been a pretty incredible year for you guys, do you have any stand out moments or highlights?

2016 has definitely be an amazing year for us! from the moment we put out our debut album in April we have been consistently shocked and surprised at all these amazing opportunities that have come our way. I think one huge stand out moment was supporting Deftones at Wembley Arena. They are a band that we all love and the show was absolutely huge! Big life goal ticked right there! But equally ending our year with a sold out hometown show to over 600 people was awesome.

You’re currently using the Marshall JCM900 – what is it that drew you to this amp?

I’ve always loved the sound of the JCM’s both the 800, 900 and 2000 are all great amps and they are amps I always end up going back to both in the studio and live. I think the classic ‘British’ distortion of the 900 have become a big part of Black Peaks sound and I struggle to think of an amp that can handle both the cleans and heavy tones that we require so well. I just love them.

What’s your favourite thing about playing the guitar?

What’s not to love? anyone has the ability to pick up up this piece of wood with some metal wires on it and create something that has never been done before. I love that about music in general. it has the power to evoke emotions in you that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Photo: Ben Gibson