INTERVIEW: Joey Black – Bring Me The Horizon


INTERVIEW: Joey Black – Bring Me The Horizon

Find out what makes Bring Me The Horizon's rig tick, with their guitar tech.


From Essex, England, Joey has worked with the following bands: Bring Me The Horizon, Alunageorge, Bear’s Den, You Me At Six, Deaf Havana, Mallory Knox, Michael Kiwanuka, and The Pierces.

When was the first time you worked with a Marshall set up, and which band was it?

The first band I ever worked for, Brutality Will Prevail, used JCM2000’s. Gain on 10, cranked super loud. Ridiculously heavy!

What is the loudest rig you have worked on?

It would have to be the Lee Malia’s (BMTH). He Uses a JCM800. It would have to be the loudest guitar tone I’ve heard, but it sounds incredible.

Best and worst gigs you have worked?

Best and worst gig will have to be Deaf Havana, Reading festival Main Stage.

Best because for me, Reading was the festival I grew up going to. If I told the 15 year old me I would be on the Main Stage a few years down the line I would not believe it. I also ended up playing guitar onstage during the set which meant a great deal.

Worst because it was one of “those” gigs where everything goes wrong. Whether it was someone breaking a string, or the power to the bass rig being pulled, I was non-stop running all over the stage.

Joey Black 2

Favourite Marshall Head?

Massive fan of the JTM45.

Anything unique about the Marshall rig you are working on now?

Nothing unique at all, Les Paul + Marshall = Perfect combination!

Coolest person you have worked with or hung around with?

It’s always a pleasure to meet people I grew up listening to and seeing in magazines. I once witnessed a friend drop a bowl of soup all over Josh Homme’s Leg. He took it surprisingly well. When I managed to catch up with him a few days later he seemed friendly and we chatted for a bit. He must have forgotten.

Apart from the current Artist you have worked with who’s your favourite guitarist/band?

Would have to be Jimi Hendrix. The first guitarist I ever listened to, and my first glimpse into Marshall. Seeing him playing in front of those huge stacks is probably what sparked my love for the company and its amps.

JCM or Plexi?


What’s the secret Marshall weapon in your set up?

It would have to be the JCM800, for Lee’s tone nothing else comes close to sounding as good as the 800 does.

Thanks for chatting with us, Joey!