INTERVIEW: Kiko Loureiro


INTERVIEW: Kiko Loureiro

You`re probably most well-known for your work with Angra, and have recently joined Megadeth €“ what`s the main difference for you when playing with Megadeth?

Angra was very influenced by metal bands such as Megadeth, and also progressive rock bands. So I feel very comfortable to play Megadeth songs. It is more riff oriented than Angra, but of course Megadeth has some very cool and demanding solos as well.

The main difference for me is the size of the production, the venues and the big festivals. The professional level is very high, and I have a 30 years legacy to respect and maintain. I`m learning a lot from each one of the crew and the band.

On the new Megadeth record €˜Dystopia`, do you have any favourite tracks?

I love the songs ‘Dystopia’ and ‘Post American World’. I like the album as a whole of course, because it was such an unique moment in my life. Also the instrumental track ‘Conquer or Die’ is a highlight for me.

What Marshall amps have you got in your rig at the moment? Any particular favourites?

JVM. I love the JCM 800. I always have one with me in any recording situation.

What do you like most about your Marshall`s?

Tone! Easy to play, feels great, feels powerful, feels€¦ Marshall! It`s the rock sound that anyone can relate.

You`ve played hundreds of shows over the course of your career, but what do you love most about performing live?

The contact with the fans. I see myself there in the crowd. Because I`m a fan as well.

Now playing with Megadeth, always before the show starts I have the flashback memory from the day I was in the middle of 100,000 people in the Rock in Rio Festival watching Megadeth`s Rust in Peace concert. So now it is still surreal to be on stage with Dave and David beside me.

What advice would you give to someone who is picking up the guitar for the first time?

Have fun! Find ways to practice constantly having fun. Results come slowly but surely, so just keep playing everyday and create the good habit of practicing.