INTERVIEW: Reba Meyers – Code Orange


INTERVIEW: Reba Meyers – Code Orange

Discussing latest record 'Forever' and more with Code Orange's Reba Meyers.

How would you describe Code Orange’s sound to someone who hasn’t heard you guys?

We are a painful, aggressive hardcore based band that has flavors of all sorts of heavy rock, metal and punk weaved into our sound.

What inspired the shift in direction from ‘I Am King’ to ‘Forever’?

What inspired the shift was our desire to write a more powerful, expansive, darker record that is filled with more risky ideas and that pushes the limits of our musical and vocal tools.  Our previous records were the roots of our sound, and with Forever we created a full and fresh new picture.

You’re known as quite a boundary pushing hardcore band, do you still consider yourself a hardcore band?

Absolutely. Our goal isn’t currently and never was to depart from that.  We want to expand and blur those lines, and we want to exist in a realm without rules or expectations regarding what worlds our band will reach.

How did you approach writing guitar parts for ‘Forever’?

Different songs had different processes, but generally speaking, guitar parts were either thought of in a bedroom at 2am alone, or in our practice space with every member of the band weighing into each note and rhythm of a riff.  Some were created in one minute and just felt right immediately, and others were focused in on for hours and days and weeks until they were perfect.  With this record,  we paid such close attention to detail and made sure that in our view, every riff was fitting within the mood and structure of the songs.

Who influenced you musically growing up?

Growing up I listened to all kinds of punk rock and hardcore music.  What influenced me was what I heard of from friends and saw at local shows. All kinds of music appealed to me and everyone in Code Orange, and that played a big role in why Code Orange has such a broad sound.  I found and still find appeal in music that fits my mood and that surprises me and drags me in.  Those qualities can be found in all types of music, we just decided young to direct it into an aggressive and intense band, as that’s what fit us best as people.

Is there any riff or song you wish you had written?

There are many songs that have riffs and ideas and parts I admire and maybe wish I wrote, but honestly, the most challenge I feel is from my own bandmates. When Eric or Jami or whoever think of an idea or a riff that I hear and fall in love with, that more than anything is what gives me an insane amount of drive and motivation to write a better one myself.  I definitely find and seek inspiration from the outside as well, but there is also so much within our core group that daily keeps me extremely eager to write good shit.

What Marshall gear are you currently using, and what do you like most about it?

We are all currently using Marshall JVM410HJS amps and 1960A cabs.  I love the midi capability of the heads, along with the wide range of channels, and modes within channels.  I absolutely love and need the noise gate, and the perfection at which you can dial it in to how you want. And with all of these features, the tone isn’t compromised, and it’s easy for me to tweak and dial in a warm thick but still aggressive and massive sound at all different kinds of venues, even ones with crappy resonance. They’re extremely dependable, real and classic, massive sounding amps, and the features are up to speed with the times.