Interview: Richard – Biffy Clyro


Interview: Richard – Biffy Clyro

Started very young for my sisters band Fi-lo radio, moved onto Oceansize, X is loaded and then Biffy. Done Biffy for 10 years now.

Currently out with Kasabian and have looked after Editors, Scouting for girls, Levellers, Glasvegas, Helmet and many others.

When was the first time you worked with a Marshall set up and which band was it?

Roadying for my big sisters band when I was 16. Fi-lo Radio. It rocked.

What is the loudest rig you have worked on?

Simon Neils from Biffy Clyro.

Best and worst gigs you have worked?

Best, Headlining Reading with Biffy. Worst… Cant say!

Favourite Marshall Head?

1959 re-issue

Anything unique about the Marshall rig you are working on now?

Its a Bass rig! Havent ever used a Marshall bass rig before, but its great and solid.

Coolest person you have worked with or hung around with?

Dave Grohl.

Apart from the current Artist you have worked with who’s your favourite guitarist/band?

Dave Grohl (see a pattern emerging?)

JCM or Plexi?


Which modern day Marshalls do you like?

1959 re issue!

Anything Modded in your setup?

Using a Mode 4 cab, rather than the standard vintage cab to give it more bottom end balls.

What’s the secret Marshall weapon in your set up?

Mike Vennart’s ShredMaster pedal is a proper secret weapon!

Lastly any funny standout Marshall stories?

No funny – ‘it all went wrong and set on fire’ stories, because my Marshalls have never set on fire and broken!

Thanks for talking with us, Richard!