INTERVIEW: Scott Borchetta – Big Machine Records


INTERVIEW: Scott Borchetta – Big Machine Records

We caught up with the Big Machine Records CEO to talk all things music.

What sparked your love for music?  

Growing up, music was always on, records were always on the record player, the radio was always on.  It’s in my DNA and music is still always on…

What was your local music scene like growing up? 

Growing up in Southern California in the ’70’s & 80’s, our local music scene was the Hollywood Rock & Punk scene.  It was insane.  Everything from Van Halen and Quiet Riot to ‘X’, Black Flag, Agent Orange and then back to the Glam Punk Turbo Pop Rock scene that, arguably, Motley Crue re-created.  The scene was alive every night on the Sunset Strip & Santa Monica Blvd … The Whiskey, The Starwood, The Roxy, Gazarri’s, etc.

You were in bands before you began working behind the scenes, can you tell us more about that? 

See ‘local music scene’… Playing in bands in Hollywood as a teenager – it was where every band in America wanted to be.  Everyone was trying to out-do each other, out punk each other, out glam each other – there was always super competition whether we were fighting over club bookings, putting up posters on telephone poles, building fan clubs, stealing girlfriends, rehearsing, playing, making up songs, living at full speed…  everything you’ve ever heard about Hollywood during that time – it all happened… and more…

When did you first come across Marshall? 

Marshall just seemed like it was always there… It’s what we all wanted.  I remember seeing those Marshall stacks from as early as I can remember.  It was the Tiffany Standard then, it’s the Tiffany Standard now.

Have you ever owned a Marshall amp, and can you remember your first one? 

Yessss! I still have my first Marshall Stack – a Silver Anniversary!  Such a unique sound and look.  I will never sell it…

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing record labels today? 

The biggest challenge facing record labels today… talk about a loaded question… regardless of the challenges, the right answer to every challenge is to always point back to what’s most important, and that’s great music by great artists.  That’s what the business is, will always be and what will always win.

If you were to give an aspiring band or artist two pieces of advice, what would they be? 

1). Do it because you love it, because you have to do it.  You’re probably going to hear a lot more ‘no’s’ than ‘yeses’.  If you truly believe in yourself, never quit.

2). Understand that you have to be engaged in building, maintaining and growing your fanbase everyday.  A career in music doesn’t happen by accident.  It happens by working at it non-stop, living it and sharing it.

What key factors do you look for when searching for new talent? 

Individuality, believability, vision.  If you’re missing any of those, go back and get ‘em…