Introducing: Marshall Records


Introducing: Marshall Records

Marshall Amplification Plc is delighted to announce the launch of Marshall Records Limited. Marshall Records has been created to inspire people to make their own music and bring guitar music to music lovers everywhere.

The History

Jim Marshall loved music. It was his passion for playing the drums that led to him opening the famed ‘J & T Marshall’ musical instrument store in West London in 1962. That led to Jim becoming friends with young guitarists who were part of London’s vibrant music scene: Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, Ritchie Blackmore to name but a few, who would go on to change rock and blues music forever.

The guitar amplifiers at that time were not up to the job for these loud, brash, angry young men. Step up Jim. He listened to what they said and answered their sonic frustrations by building louder, meaner guitar amplifiers that would play a major role in irrevocably changing the way the electric guitar sounded, and how it was played, making Marshall the quintessential sound of rock.

Marshall’s legendary products are as popular today as ever, favoured by a broad spectrum of artists, from well-established rock royalty to upcoming bands reinventing rock music for themselves.

The Ethos

This is how ‘music lover Jim’ became ‘legendary amp maker Jim’ and is why Marshall is more than just an amp manufacturing brand. Marshall is a music brand. It was Jim’s passion for music that was the driver for all he achieved, which is something that we are always conscious of.

It is with this ethos that we not only make products that enable guitarists to express themselves artistically, we also produce products for listening to the music that they make: Bluetooth music speakers (Acton, Kilburn, Hanwell etc) as well as headphones (Monitor, Major II, Minor etc), and the ‘London’ music smartphone.

So, if we make the amplifiers that enable guitarists to make music, and we produce products for their fans and music lovers to listen to their music, then it makes sense that we join those two things together and help bands and musicians record, promote and perform their music. And that is exactly why we have created Marshall Records.

Marshall Records is the next logical step in Marshall’s evolution and is a keystone in the Marshall story. Now, through the Marshall brand, the medium of creation is manufactured, music is made and music is brought to the people.

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The Label

Marshall Records is managed by Rob Cass, Steve Tannett and Marshall Brand Licensing Director Grace Pantony:

Rob Cass is an Irish producer based in London. He has been an in-house producer at Abbey Road Studios for six years and is resident at Tileyard Studios in Kings Cross.

Rob has worked with some of the biggest artists in the world including Jack Bruce, Brian May, Slash, Bernie Marsden, David Coverdale, Cindy Blackman Santana, Motopony, Bill Baird, Ian Paice, Baaba Maal, Joe Bonamassa, Robin Trower, Phil Manzanera amongst many others.

Steve Tannett is a music industry veteran with a rich and successful career having been involved in music since 1977 when he signed a recording deal as a member of punk band Menace with his future boss and legendary entrepreneur Miles Copeland.

Steve has been involved in literally hundreds of artist’s careers as a manager, label boss (IRS Records and Ark 21) and a successful music publisher. His wealth of knowledge, contacts and artist friendly approach has served him well with associations to many multi-platinum selling artists including: REM, The Police, Duran Duran, Black Sabbath, Sting, Jools Holland, The Alarm, Belinda Carlisle, Zucchero, Paul Carrack, Bernie Marsden, Chaz Jankel, Glen Matlock, Peter Frampton and many more.

The Marshall Records board of Directors:

Jonathan Ellery – Marshall Managing Director

David Cole – Marshall Finance Director

Barry Moon – Marshall Operations Director

Grace Pantony – Marshall Brand Licensing Director

Rob Cass

Steve Tannett