#liveformusic – Appetite For Destruction


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Appetite For Destruction.

Need we say anymore?

Guns N’ Roses changed music everywhere when they put together their first album, something no one could have predicted. Potentially one of the most iconic albums of all time, we doubt there’s a single Marshall fan out there who isn’t influenced in some way by what is officially the best selling debut album of all time. No pressure there then, new bands.

Celebrating its 27th birthday on the 21st of July, it’s hard to believe that an album reaching thirty can sound so fresh and still be so face meltingly good. On the one hand, it’s an institution in itself – so ingrained in rock music that you’d be hard pushed to find any band that doesn’t somehow owe something to it – and on the other, it hasn’t aged a day. ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ was reportedly written in just three hours… an incredible feat.

Released on Geffen back in 1987, it’s incredible that Appetite For Destruction is a debut album. Whilst we’re not refuting every single riff, every solo and every blinder of a track on the album, in amongst those twelve precious songs you have some of the most iconic hits of not just metal, but music full stop. And to think, ‘November Rain’ just missed the cut. It’s probably for the best – that’s just one solo too many for one little album.

But oh how different things could have been for the album that’s had such a profound effect. With artwork changes aplenty, and both Nikki Sixx AND Kiss’s Paul Stanley set to produce, who would have thought Appetite Of Destruction was going to be the international success it is today? Not Geffen, that’s for sure – when the album hit 200,000 sales, the label considered cutting their losses and focusing on a new release. 30 million international sales later, we’re guessing they’re glad they chose to sit tight.

Whilst we may not see the album performed in all its glory, Guns N’ Roses single-handedly did the world a favour when they burst out onto the scene with Appetite For Destruction. You can argue your favourite track all you want, you can have a battle of the riffs and hand pick your favourite album track as their best work, but if you claim you don’t know every word to ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’, we’re calling you a liar.

Appetite For Destruction, we salute you.