#liveformusic – Every Time I Die


#liveformusic – Every Time I Die

It may have only been two years since Buffalo five piece Every Time I Die released Ex Lives, but when word got out that album number seven - From Parts Unknown - was just around the corner, anticipation was at an all time high. Not only that, but the band were heading to God City Studios to record, we knew we were in for a treat.

Kurt Ballou, of Converge fame, built the Salem Massachusetts based GodCity Studio with severance pay from his job as a biomedical engineer, and since then he’s gone on to produce and record with some of the most prolific metal and hardcore bands around: Kvelertak, Torche, Have Heart…the list is endless.

And whilst working with a visionary such as Ballou would be nothing short of an honour, it’s bound to be just a little overwhelming, or in front man Keith Buckley’s eyes, terrifying:

“Kurt Ballou had always intimidated the living shit out of me, so I was overjoyed when the decision was made to record our next record with him at GodCity and I mean that sincerely. I’ve been a fan of his work for over a decade. His records are terrifying and moving and they sound like they were written and recorded under great duress, which is exactly how this style of music should be made. This month we join the pantheon. I couldn’t be more excited to see what he helps us learn about our own band that we didn’t realize for the past 15 years.”

It’s not often that a hardcore band can make it to album number seven, it’s a feat in itself, so 15 years on, how does From Parts Unknown hold up? With a back catalogue as strong as theirs, have Every Time I Die stepped up to the bar they’ve already set so high?

In short, yes. Coming in at less than half an hour, it’s a 12 track assault on your ears that sees Every Time I Die smash together just about every other release they’ve put out thus far. Two singles down – Thirst and Decayin With The Boys – From Parts Unknown has everything you could want from the band; there’s the party track, the killer hooks and the blood curdling, face melting screams.

Check out the bands Instagram account; not only does guitarist Andy Williams pose like a proud Dad in front of a stellar Marshall set up, but a video of Buckley laying down the vocals for album finishing track Idiot is enough to make you run for cover. Turns out Buckley suffered from laryngitis during recording, but managed to lay down vocals in just two days. One word; hero.


Is it metalcore, hardcore, or something else entirely? It doesn’t matter, because whatever ‘core sub-genre you want to label the band with, From Parts Unknown is a lesson in good old fashioned noise.

The band are currently in the midst of Warped Tour, but will be back on UK shores for Reading and Leeds festival in late August.

From Parts Unknown is released on the 1st of July.