#liveformusic – Lower Than Atlantis


Lower then Atlantis

If you want something done, you ask the busiest person you know, or so the saying goes.

And in the case, it’s Lower Than Atlantis because boy have those Watford lads been busy.

In April this year the band announced the incredible news that they’d signed to Sony Records – a feat by anyones standards – and not only that, we’d have a new, self titled album to boot. 2014 is shaping up nicely for this four piece. Out on the 29th of September, it may be less than two years since their last full length Changing Tune was released, but it feels like a lifetime.

If anyone knows the meaning of hard graft, it’s Lower Than Atlantis. Since their formation in 2007, the band – made up of vocalist Mike Duce, drummer Eddy Thrower, bassist Dec Hart and guitarist Ben Sansom – have been working hard to cement their place in the UK music scene. Their debut release, EP Bretton, in 2008 may only feel like it landed yesterday, but the band are already on album number 4…not bad going for a band less than ten years old.

And what can we expect from their upcoming, self titled release? Anticipation is at an all time high, as is expectation – previous releases Changing Tune reached number 25 in the UK Official charts, can album number four do as well commercially? Here’s hoping. And the LTA boys have been whetting appetites and doing us all proud by posting snippets of the upcoming release across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Dedication to social media guys, we applaud you, but can September hurry up?

But big labels and chart success aren’t what’s at the heart of Lower Than Atlantis. Speaking to The Daily Record, frontman Mike Duce is aware that fame is fickle at best, and at the end of a day they’re a band doing what they love:

“We’ve treated this album as if it could be our last. We were between labels and we didn’t have a manager when we recorded it. We just put everything in this one album. It’s like, here’s where we’re at, this is what LTA is and we’re comfortable in our own skin now.”

And good for them – Lower Than Atlantis have worked hard, consistently, to hone that sound. It’s grown up as the band have, and it’s one that defines and shapes the UK rock scene as we know it.

Speaking about his Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker, guitarist Ben Samson had this to say:

“The Bluesbreaker is the newest member to my set up and has worked out great with the new album its gives me that clarity and punch even at loud volume”

Currently on the Here We Go tour – aptly named after their latest single, which was Zane Lowe’s “Hottest Record In The World” – catch the band whilst you can; the intimate tour sees the band play to audiences of no more than 200 on each of the 15 dates. At the rate Lower Than Atlantis are going, shows like that are going to be all but a distant memory. We predict the band, despite previous success and a loyal fan base, are about to hit the big time, and at Marshall we can’t wait.

Lower Than Atlantis is out on the 29th of September.

Want to check out what Marshalls the guys are rocking? Check out Ben’s rig here and Mike’s rig here