The G4 Experience


Joe Satriani

The G4 Experience sees legendary guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani take the incredible G3 concept off the road and turn it into a unique music camp at the Cambria Pines Lodge in California.

Featuring Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons and Mike Keneally alongside Joe Satriani, the G4 Experience is open to guitarists of all ages and levels, providing a once in a lifetime chance to hang out and learn from some of the best minds and hands in rock guitar.

Open to 175 attendees from August 11th – 15th, the G4 Experience is four days and nights of pure guitar pleasure, and both Paul and Joe will be backed up by their trusty Marshall rigs.

According to Joe, “The G4 Experience is my chance to expand on the G3 idea. G4 will give everyone a chance to improve their skills, meet like minded players, be inspired, and make some great guitar music!”

Paul Gilbert goes on to say “It’s really inspiring to spend time with people who have similar passion and goals. The goal of ‘being a musician’ isn’t always supported by friends and family, so it’s really nice to be in a group of people who understand the unquenchable thirst for playing the guitar.”

We couldn’t agree more. Make sure you’re following us over on Facebook and Twitter for the latest from the G4 Experience. It’s going to be shredtastic.

For more information head on over to, and check out Paul Gilbert’s Marshall rig here, and Joe Satriani’s here.

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