We Are The Ocean Guitarists Join the Marshall Family


We Are The Ocean Guitarists Join the Marshall Family

Alt-rock UK four piece We Are The Ocean have built a name for themselves in the UK, Europe and USA since their formation in 2007, with their hook-laden brand of alternative rock.

Blending elements of post-hardcore, emo, and alternative metal into their music, the sound of We Are The Ocean has developed naturally, and their songwriting ability has grown in strength over their four albums – culminating in 2015’s ‘Ark’. Bring The Noise noted “With one swift move, We Are The Ocean had evolved from a gritty post-hardcore outfit to a tightly wound alternative rock group that are capable of punching out a twelve song album that is the physical embodiment of everything that is good about modern alternative rock.”

Signed to Hassle Records in the UK, the band are made up of guitarist & vocalist Liam Cromby, bass guitarist Jack Spence, guitarist Alfie Scully and drummer Tom Whittaker.

Guitarist Liam Cromby currently uses at JCM800 2203 and a 1960TV Cab, and had this to say about his amps:

“When the red light glows, you know somethings gonna happen! For me, when you plug into any amp it then becomes an extension to your instrument, another way to express yourself. This can sometimes sound fucking amazing or incredibly bad but you turn some knobs to suit how you think it should sound or maybe how your feeling and away you go. The first amp set up I played through was a Marshall JCM 2000 going through a 1936 2 x 12 cab. It had all these knobs and switches which I didn’t know much about but I turned it on and the red light started to shine and then it started to hum and it came alive, It stays with you, there’s nothing quite like Marshall”

Guitarist Alfie Scully currently uses at 1987X and a 1960TV Cab, and had this to say about his amps:

“When I think about Marshall there’s an endless stream of heritage and great guitar legends. If there was ever an opportunity to play one of these amps it would be no question. I love my Marshall for its dynamic gain and clean tone, it’s classic sound and above all its power”