The revolution has begun.

With each passing decade, the Marshall story has grown stronger. And now we announce the next chapter. Introducing: Marshall London.

With over 50 years of audio wisdom, Marshall London is the phone of choice for those who like to live life in stereo. High quality listening, minimal fuss. It's time to change the way you listen to music. Join the revolution.

Unique features include:

Twin Stereo Jacks
Two stereo jacks, allowing you and a friend to listen to music together. Each with an independent volume control.

Dual Speakers
The loudest mobile phone on Earth? Possibly. Two front facing speakers make London the perfect tool for listening to music without headphones, too.

Scroll Wheel
The scroll wheel gives you quick access to volume control, with tactile precision to find just the right spot.

At the heart of the London is the M-Button - a dedicated one-click access to your music, whatever the source of it may be. Thanks to this ingenious bit of engineering, you can control your music on top of whatever else you happen to have on your screen.

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