Where is my nearest dealer?

Please use the ‘Find a Stockist’ search for details of your nearest dealer.

Can I buy direct from the factory, if so can I try the product first?

We only sell merchandise and spare parts direct from the factory. These can be purchased from our Spares Department. If you wish to try out an amplifier before purchasing it we recommend going to your nearest Marshall Dealer. To find your nearest Marshall dealer please us the ‘Find a Stockist’ feature.

Do you or your dealers sell over the internet?

We have a number of dealers that sell online. Their prices may be cheaper, but please read the terms and conditions carefully for information on returning your amplifier. You may be required to pay a carriage charge even if your amplifier is under a year old; as the Marshall warranty states, we will only cover the cost of carriage between the dealer and the factory.

When buying an amplifier new what is the warranty coverage?

When you purchase a new amplifier you receive a warranty card that explains in full the warranty terms & conditions and also has attached a registration card that you should fill in and send back to us. Doing this will entitle you to an extended warranty, the length of which varies depending on your region. You have 90 days from the day of purchase to register your amplifier. If by chance there is not a warranty card inside the box then contact your dealer and they should be able to supply you with one.

If I buy a unit second hand is the warranty transferable?

If you buy a second hand Marshall product the warranty is not transferable.

If I buy a unit second hand from one of your dealers is the warranty with you or the dealer?

Our warranty is not transferable from owner to owner, but the shop you purchased the product through may have their own warranty scheme for second hand goods. If so, the warranty is with the shop, not with us, the manufacturer. We will still be able to service your second hand product, but it will be chargeable.

Will I be charged if my amplifier has to be returned to the factory during the warranty period?

If your amplifier needs repairing during the first year of purchase we do not charge the dealer carriage charge. However, the dealers may charge you a carriage charge depending on its terms and conditions. Before purchasing the amplifier it is a good idea to find out about carriage charge fees, as the dealer may charge you if they have to collect the amplifier from you before returning it to us. If the amplifier is over a year old you will be expected to pay the carriage charge, as we will charge the dealer. Most repair work is covered by the warranty, except such items as valves, speakers and transformers which have different warranty periods. All information is explained in the warranty card you receive with the amplifier.

Do all your dealers have a full stock of all your products?

Some of our smaller dealers only sell the MG Series of amplifiers, but larger stores stock most Marshall products. And if they don’t have the product that you are looking for they can always order it for you.

Does my local dealer have facilities so I can try the unit out before buying?

We would recommend contacting your dealer to see if they have an area set aside for demonstration.

Can I take my unit back to a dealer that I did not originally purchase it from?

If you have a unit still under warranty but have moved from where you originally purchased it from, and you have a Marshall Dealer in the area, you can ask them if they would not mind sending it back on your behalf. But they are not obligated to do so, as they did not sell it to you originally.

Can I purchase an amplifier from a dealer that will work in any country?

Some of our amplifiers have the facility to select the appropriate voltage for the country. Other amplifiers have to be rewired internally to be the correct voltage, and others are specifically made for different voltages; these would need to have various components replaced to change their voltage. All amplifiers would need to be fitted with the correct fuse for their particular country. All work of this nature must be carried out by a qualified engineer.

If I purchase an amplifier abroad is the warranty covered in all countries?

If you purchase an amplifier abroad it is covered by warranty in the country it was purchased from. Different countries have different warranty policies. If you purchase an amplifier abroad and bring it into the UK it is not covered by any warranty in the UK.