Fret & Covering

What was the original fret on my old Marshall Amplifier, Cabinet or Combo?

If you can supply a good quality photograph we will do our best to identify your fret and inform you if we still stock it. Alternatively if you visit our website you will see all current frets that are available. Email – [email protected]

How much would it cost to re-fret or re-cover my Amplifier, Combo or Cabinet?

Please contact Marshall for prices. These will depend on your particular model of amplifier, combo or cabinet.

Can I purchase the fret cloth/covering and in what size is it sold?

To replace the fret cloth/ covering would necessitate the removal of the chassis, which we recommend is only to be carried out by a qualified engineer. As a consequence, we are not in a position to sell the fret cloth or covering to the general public.

What colours and type of covering (Tolex) and fret are available?

The colours and styles available will vary depending on the range and models of amplifier, cabinets and combos we are making in our current range, for our standard finishes please visit our website for the different colours please go to your local dealer and they will be able to enquire for you.