This section applies to UK customers only. International customers please contact your local Marshall distributor for more information. Contact details can be found here.

My amplifier is no longer under warranty. Where I can get it serviced and how much will it cost?

All Marshall service work in the UK is carried out at the Marshall factory in Bletchley. We do not have any other service engineers or centres based in the country. To have your amplifier serviced we can arrange collection from a business address, you can make an appointment and have it looked at while you wait or you can leave your unit with us. Please contact our Returns Department on 01908 375411 if you would like to arrange collection or make an appointment. You will be contacted with a free quote before going ahead with any repairs, but we cannot give an estimated cost before seeing the amplifier. There will be a carriage charge if our couriers collect and return your amplifier and this will need to be paid regardless if you go ahead with the repair.

Do you service non Marshall Products?

We only service Marshall products.

My Marshall product is under warranty. Can I still have it serviced at the factory?

If your amplifier is under warranty you should take it back to the dealer you purchased it from and they will then arrange on your behalf for your amplifier to come back to the factory to be repaired. We cover the cost of carriage between the dealer and factory for the first year of warranty.

How long does it take to service the amplifiers?

If your unit is being couriered to us then it takes 7-10 working days. Until the quote on the unit has been approved no work will take place.

Do you have set prices for servicing?

We offer free quotes on all Marshall products. There are no set prices as all parts are priced individually.

My unit is faulty but still under warranty. What should I do?

If your unit is under warranty you need to contact the dealer you purchased it through and they will arrange the repair on your behalf. If your unit is over a year old but you have registered for the extended warranty you will still be expected to pay the carriage charge.

Can I have my unit serviced at the factory while I wait?

We can provide a while you wait service, depending on the age and model of your amplifier, all appointments need to be pre booked. Please call our returns department on 01908 375411 for more details.

Can I just drop my unit into you?

You are very welcome to drop your unit in to our service centre without notice and your details will be taken on arrival. Service is closed for lunch from 12.15-1.15 Monday to Friday, closed Monday to Thursday at 4.30pm, and 3.30pm on Friday.

Do you modify or customize any of your products?

We do not modify or customize.

If I have my unit serviced at Marshall will it be covered by warranty?

If you bring or send your unit to us to be fixed and it is not under warranty the repair work carried out is covered by the service warranty for 6 months. But if valves are changed they are only covered by a 3 months warranty.